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ATVG (officially "AtjonTV Gaming") was founded on 4 May 2015 by User:AtjonTV as a gaming group.

Through AtjonTV's instigation to develop software (then batch scripts), ATVG (the gaming group) became a developer group in December 2015 and the name became "ATVG Studios" (intended as an association of <see "Early Sub Studios">) and the domain was bought.

In order to secure works of the group, ATVG studios were given as copyright name, the license was the GNU Public License (GPL).

In September 2017, ATVG Studios created the Open Source Project License (OSPL)

In January 2018, the OSPL was slightly modified, and the Closed Source Project License (CSPL) was launched.

In January 2018, the service GitLab.ATVG Studios was launched, this was initially hosted on a server of the provider ZAP hosting, due to complications with the software and too weak hardware, has been switched to the servers of dawn server. GitLab.ATVG-Studios meanwhile has the status "stable, fast, secure" which the service should keep.

Early Sub Studios

1. ATVG-Development Studio

2. ATVG-Music Studio

3. ATVG-Sounds Studio

4. ATVG-Productions Studio

5. ATVG-Entertainment Studio (Later included Music and Sounds)

6. ATVG-Web Studio (Later "")


Over the years, ATVG-Studios had multiple Logos.

Those are all logos:

1. Old Logo (2015-2018) ATVG Old-Logo.jpeg

2. Logo (2018-Now) ATVG Logo.png

3. Small Logo (2018-Now) ATVG Logo-smallB.png